RED CAIN - Present New Single "Kindred"

Rock/Metal outfit, Red Cain have released the new single "Kindred", the 3rd one from Red Cain's upcoming album "Kindred: ACT II", due November 2020.

The band commented:

"The track places us behind the burning eyes of the secondary antagonist of the saga, the Nameless Exarch - the high priest of the malign entity seeking to remake the world in its image. His past forgotten and irrelevant, the Nameless Exarch rises as the herald and prophet of this Lovecraftian force, and rallies the disenfranchised, disillusioned, and discontent under his aberrant banner - triggering a tidal wave of chaos engulfing the globe.

So don your robe, find a secluded, gothic cavern, light one red candle - and listen to the Exarch’s call with us. This is “Kindred”."