NUNCA SEREMOS DICHOSOS - Released Their Controversial New Video "¡¡Nunca!!"

The Chilean band Nunca Seremos Dichosos (NSD) released their new videoclip “¡¡Nunca!!”, which was created in stop motion animation.
The footage was made by Andrés Hetzler and Sofía Hukdhs from Vesuvio Cine. They work with hand-cut paper to create the characters and the scenario from the video.

“¡¡Nunca!!” is a song about the abuse and violence that the Mapuche people suffers recently and throughout several years by the Chilean state since the Guerra de Arauco until today. The video has a lot of references for the social unrest in the country, especially for the brutality of the Chilean police against the protesters. This is represented by some characters of this video, like the Chilean politicians. But also, the fans and the people are representing in the riots wearing the Kollong (Mapuche Mask).

The group recently included the drummer Txlakan as their new member. This year the band won the “Best Metal Artist Award” at the Premios Pulsar 2020 for their second album Köllong. Nunca Seremos Dichosos has always stood out for being respectful and rigorous in the studio, in the used language, the display of the symbols and the world view of the Mapuche people within their proposal.