MEPHISTOPHELIAN - Stream New Album "Anotos"

Slovenian Death Metal outfit, MEPHISTOPHELIAN, is streaming below a new album "Anotos", that is out today September 4, 2020.

The band consists of two well-known names such as Romain Goulon on drums ( Ex- Necrophagist, Ex-Benighted, Ex-Disavowed…. ) and guitarist Kristijan Bajuk ( Ex-Within Destruction ).

Mephistophelian spawned almost a decade ago, yet it dwelled since then. Now they bring their vision of how death metal should sound.



1. Abysmal Discorded Endeavour
2. A Void Reminiscence
3. The Purge
4. Primal Un-Godliness
5. Omnipotent
6. Flesh Canvas
7. Without Contingent Of Prosperity
8. Shroudslice
9. F.E.AR.
10. Violation Of The Mind