MATRIARCHS - Release New Single Video "Sleep"

Matriarchs just released a new single and music video "Sleep" featuring YouTuber and vocalist for Post-Hardcore band Chasing Satellites, K The Screamer.  She joined this project during quarantine 2020 after the drummer, Ben found her on Tiktok.

She commented:

"This song gives me old school Bring Me The Horizon vibes and I was so stoked to record vocals for this track.

I’ve always had this recurring nightmare about a shadowy demonic figure looming over me while I’m sleeping. This coupled with the countless stories I’ve heard about sleep paralysis and the crippling effects it has on peoples’ mental health over time inspired the lyrics for our song Sleep.

The end of the video and the song is extremely dark and it’s a reflection of what can happen if we let our mental illnesses get the better of us. I’ve been told that the song has Mac Miller vibes and that means a lot to me as a lyricist.

As a vocalist I have always been inspired by Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon and this song, vocally, reminds me of It Never Ends."

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