LUNARSEA - "Earthling/Terrestre" First Print Is Sold-Out, Re-Print Coming With Two Bonus Tracks!

Italian Melodic Death Metallers LUNARSEA released their latest album “Earthling/Terrestre” in January 2020, via Punishment 18 Records. In less than 8 months, the first print is officially sold-out! Punishment18Records is going to re-print "Earthling/Terrestre" in a brand new Digipack version, with 2 bonus tracks. Soon available on your local distributors, as well as on our on-line store.

LUNARSEA express their full appreciation to all Lunar fans for amazing support!

Just recently LUNARSEA unleashed their new stunning lyric video for “Humanoid, Mannequinn, Androgyne”, in case you missed it, watch it below!

In 2003, LUNARSEA, arose from the ashes of the power-prog band called HOLLOWEARTH. After two demos the band released their debut full-length “Hydrodynamic Wave”, in 2006 via Burning Star Records. The next three albums “Route Code Selector” (2009), “Hundred Light Years“ (2013) and “Earthling/Terrestre” (Dicembre 2019) came out on Punishment18records. All albums have been very well welcomed by audience and the media. In these past years LUNARSEA have shared the stage with great acts like DEATH, DARK TRANQUILLITY, RAGE, ORPHANED LAND, IMPALED NAZARENE, FIREWIND, PRIMAL FEAR, PRIMORDIAL, SWALLOW THE SUN, INSOMNIUM, OBSCURA, DARKANE, NARGAROTH, EKTOMORF, SINISTER, LEAVE’S EYES, ABORTED, DARK FUNERAL, ASPHYX, THE HAUNTED, SEPTIC FLESH, just to name a few. Among the band’s highlights, so far, is the participation on “Where Death Is Most Alive Tour”, where the band won the contest directly organized by Century Media to open the gigs of Bologna and Rome during the tour of Dark Tranquillity and Insomnium in October 2010. Elements such as growling, screaming, clean vocals, blast beat, synths and tipically power-prog riffs are the core and the peculiarity of Lunarsea style and soul.