HORROR DANCE SQUAD - Release New Video "Burn This Place Down" and New Album "No Flag Will Fly Forever"

The long wait is over. Horror Dance Squad’s highly anticipated new album No Flag Will Fly Forever is now available on all major streaming platforms. Saturated in the band’s signature blend of metalcore and punk, Estonia’s shining star in the metal scene delivers anthem after anthem for those who are adamant about making this world a better place and speaking out against tyranny.

“The album is our most ambitious work by far,” exclaims vocalist Karl Mesipuu. “It is our deepest dive into the style we have crafted for ourselves and truly embodies the values and spirit of the band. Lyrically, emotionally and musically this is as honest I have ever been in music. The record was born purely out of working on something we love together. This is Horror Dance Squad at its best. We worked hard to challenge ourselves as songwriters to make sure we wrote the best tracks we could.” Guitarist Indrek Ulp adds, "We wanted to write music that we would enjoy ourselves if we were in front of the stage. All of the songs went through multiple changes before they came fully together. Before they were exactly how we wanted them.”

Concerning the lyrics, vocalist Ian Karell explains, “No Flag Will Fly Forever is a collection of songs exploring essential topics both eternal and specific to this era of humanity’s evolution. From the things that affect us all: climate change, racism, overt nationalism, the dangerous rise of the new fascist movements all around the world, injustice in our social and political systems; to the intensely personal experiences of spiritual and psychological growth and relationship health, this album is a voyage through the human condition as we experience it in our day and age.”

Horror Dance Squad’s songs have always had a finger on the pulse of current events and the band constantly works towards delivering a message of hope and unity, even when things seem their darkest. “The title for the album comes from the idea that in our evolution as human beings there are few things that remain constant but many things that come and go,” Ian explains. “Borders change, money changes, languages change, rules change, religions change, flags change--but we remain human. And as humans, we are more the same on the inside than what we see on the outside.”

“All tracks from the album were recorded in Tallinn, Estonia with the help of Sander Sadam and were mixed and mastered by Cody Stewart (The Browning) in Los Angeles, USA. The whole process was a massive undertaking for us both technically as well as musically” says guitarist Mikk Peetrimägi. Spanning over two years of writing and recording, No Flag Will Fly Forever is certain to solidify Horror Dance Squad’s status as a band to be reckoned with in the Baltic metal scene.

Drummer Henri Kuusk sums it up: “This album touches on so many topics that I feel people need to pay more attention to and the whole process has helped me go through some heavy personal struggles which I was able to get out and into these tracks. Overall, I feel I not only became a better drummer but also as a person.”

Alongside the album, the band has also released the music video for their latest single Burn This Place Down. Inspired by the controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s infamous “I really don’t care, do you?” jacket, the lyrics speak out against apathetic leaders more concerned with their own personal greed than the people they are supposed to care for and lead with compassion.

“This video was our biggest and most ambitious video to date,” drummer Henri Kuusk shares. “With close to 80 people in cast and crew, including fire cannons, dancers, fire sculptures and a fire-breather, this shoot was one we will never forget.”