FRAGILE HEARTS - Make Their Melodic Maelstrom Debut With "Overdose"

Los Angeles, CA metalcore band Fragile Hearts has released their debut single and music video, "Overdose." The track will be on the quartet's upcoming record (TBA).

The eerie, electronic-heavy song swells and sways before exploding into the melodic monster of a chorus. Just when you think you have the dynamic figured out though, it veers off course as vocalist Henry Kroese breaks into full on vocal sprint, rattling off lines about giving in to moments of weakness during difficult times.

"Overall, the track is about not being able to cope with your own thoughts," says vocalist Henry Kroese. "Sometimes we turn to other things that will hurt us in order to make us feel okay, even if its just for a while."

Forming just this year, Fragile Hearts is comprised of former members of the now-defunct metalcore band Design The Skyline. Instrumentally, most of the music written for Fragile Hearts was originally intended to be used for an upcoming Design The Skyline album.

Listen to the single "Overdose" now on Spotify.