FALL FROM EVEREST - About To Release Their Debut Album

Aim high and have big goals. One of the slogans which are for Prague based electrocore quartet FALL FROM EVEREST standards on a daily basis. Earlier this year the band announced their upcoming release of a debut album called St.Nightmare's Day, from which we could hear so far two singles, “k.” and “gasoline, ready!”. Those songs showed us that we will witness a gold tier album with musicianship at its finest. Expect a wide variety of moods and many genre influences. As a proven fact of the earlier statement can be the reaction of FALL FROM EVEREST's fanbase, which welcomed the first two singles with a warm welcome, so as their appearance in full Archa theatre, where the band delivered both sound and visual astonishing show.

To put out a conceptual album nowadays could be a big risk. However not for someone like FALL FROM EVEREST with all those experiences, both live and musical, behind them. With horrors, despair and scars tangled music comes to the record not only for detail enjoyers but also for all fans of atmospheric music. And if this is not enough for you, be ready for four exclusives featuring on the album from Lukas Sochor (Velkatlusta0), Hellwana, Honza Kaspar (Glad For Today) or Kiki Diószegi (Down For Whatever).

St.Nightmare's Day was recorded with Pavel Chyška in Dark Deer Studio, visuals were made by Eliška Poláková with graphic master known as Jsem Venca.

Anxious and melancholic record which is tangled through with both dozens of lyrical and musical references. Therefore - if you are or aren't a fan yet of FALL FROM EVEREST, you won't be bored.

Gloomy and depressive at sight St.Nightmare's Day could seem like a black cloud floating above listeners' head, yet there's a light of hope shining through it, which will always warm you.

The day we celebrate our worst and most real dreams is here. Please welcome St.Nightmare's Day!