DISTANT - Announce a New Dawn of Corruption With Single "Oedipism"

Crushing Down-tempo, Slam-infused Deathcore masters DISTANT have released single 'Oedipism', ahead of their new EP Dawn of Corruption which is set for release via Unique Leader on October 23rd.

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The band commented: “'Oedipism' is a song about the ascension of the Tyrannt’s son - Gabraath, amongst the wretched gaining his unholy status. This aggressive and ruthless song is part of the story of Tyrannotophia - Dawn Of Corruption, and is the band's angriest tune to date."

Hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Bratislava, Slovakia, DISTANT have produced some of their most brutal work with the announcement of their second release for Unique Leader, featuring guest appearances from members of INGESTED and ABORTED.

Dawn of Corruption, the follow up to last summer's Tyrannotophia, is a dark descent into the depths of the kingdom of Tyrannotophia - the realm of the doomed and the sound of the world's damnation. The kingdom is on the brink of falling and a new era is about to begin. Escaping from the darkness, all of the wretched creatures are on a hunt for its crown.

Featuring stunning cover artwork by Calean Stokkermans (The Acacia Strain, Lorna Shore, Misery Index), DISTANT perform the dark hymns of the fallen kingdom for listeners to experience the atmospheric despair and the grotesque void to come. Emotional, evil and ruthless songs of the fallen.

Joined by two new members Jan Mato on drums (ex-Shrill Whispers) and Eise Smit (ex-Rising Conflict) DISTANT is now a fully armed six-piece band for this battle and ready to take the crown for themselves. Honourable guests on this release are Jason “Slam King” Evans of INGESTED and Mendel bij de Leij formerly known as guitarist of ABORTED. Since 2014 the band have bludgeoned their way across Europe, with the release of their first two EPs Slither (2015) and Tsukuyomi (2017). Recently joining forces with Unique Leader to release their debut full-length album Tyrannotophia (June 2019) and making a name for themselves by playing renowned festivals and tours across Europe and UK.


1. Hull of Crows
2. Dawn Of Corruption ft. Jason Evans (INGESTED)
3. Hellmouth
4. Oedipism
5. Temple Of Taglaroth ft. Mendel bij de Leij (ex-ABORTED)
6. The Void