Long-running Youtube channel Chugcore has announced it is changing it's names to Chug Collective, following incidents with the previous owner, they will now be run by the same team behind fellow Alternative Music Network Beheading The Traitor.

They released the following statement via social media:

"Hello everyone! It's about time to announce a big change in regards to the future of what was "Chugcore".

As you can see, YouTube and Instagram have been rebranded to "Chug Collective"! Facebook is still taking its sweet time letting us change the name of this page, unfortunately, but we want to open back up the premieres and share everyone's amazing music! (Hoping the page name change goes through soon, as we have been waiting weeks for this to be done.)

We are no longer continuing as a Distro, given the awful events that transpired with the original owner and platform, and will only be proceeding as a Premiere Platform and Community! (Please bring all submissions to for the time being as we finish getting everything setup)

We know the events that happened were terrible, and we greatly feel for anyone/everyone affected by the actions of Greg. Please rest assured, Greg has nothing to do with this new brand, and will *never* have anything to do with it. *We do not encourage anyone to visit the old webstore, as we have no control or ownership over that and cannot guarantee any merch will be delivered*.

We sincerely hope everyone has it in their hearts to give this rebrand a chance, as all we want is for people to come together and support each other, which personally I feel has always been the best part of Premiere Channels and Promotion. We did not want to let the channel die, as that was a place where many people found new music from amazing bands, and that's where support was bred for so many talented musicians.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and that you enjoy what is to come out of everything"

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