CHOKE - Provokes The World With Their New Single Video “The Human Anthem”

One of a kind Japanese band CHOKE are ready to shock the world with the single “The Human Anthem”, to be distributed online on September 11, 2020. Yet another defiant work, it also shows the musical growth of the band.

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The Human Anthem is said to be the fastest song ever from CHOKE, going over 250BPM. The thrilling rhythm is built since the very first seconds of the song, featuring rapid skank beats, dense bass lines, and fierce speedy guitar licks. The incorporation of symphonic choirs also gives a greater impetus to the song.

This track provokes an instant rush of adrenaline! There were high expectations ahead since the upload of the short trailers in August. Fans will surely be pleased with this innovative piece! The Human Anthem will be a blast at live concerts as well!

This is not a hymn to praise humanity; in fact, it points out the misery of not living freely. Trapped in a suffocating status quo, people seem to be forced to kill their spirits and are dragged to live in a certain way. Rather than resign yourself, CHOKE incites you to make a paradigm shift and break the mold.

This new single is an exhilarating ride that you will desire to experience over and over again!

CHOKE is nu metal band from Japan. Their music does not stick to only one genre. Although their sound has its roots in metalcore and trap, elements of progressive metal, deathcore, groove metal, and electronic rock are incorporated as well. CHOKE offers a unique dissonant blend of a djenty heavy music with hip hop rhythm.

Their cranked-up songs feature high gained and dropped tuning instruments, intense breakdowns, distorted riffs with fast guitar licks, heavy and often slapped bass lines with thick punchy beats. The dynamic vocals combine clear rapping with low gutturals and piercing screams. Their harsh and edgy lyrics regularly express social criticism and dogma rejection. CHOKE will start a fire on the listeners to speak up their minds and tear the world apart!

CHOKE started activities in the underground scene of Tokyo, Japan in 2017. Their releases are proof of their willingness to experiment to create their very own sound. Vocalist REON, guitarist KVYA NONO, and bassist B5 have been showing that they are not here to follow patterns but creating a new path.