BURIED ABOVE - Reveal Video For New Single "It's Never Too Late"

Christian Hard Rock outfit, Buried Above have released a new single and music video "It's Never Too Late".

The band commented:

"This video is a message of hope for anyone who struggles with depression, self harm, or suicidal thoughts.

Every day, we face very real problems that affect us in very real ways. But there is always someone willing to listen. There's always arms to fall into. Some of us find that trust in a family member, or a close friend. Some find it in the comfort of Jesus Christ.

If you're having suicidal thoughts, please remember that you are loved by so many people. We're glad you're here and this world would not be the same without you! Please do not hesitate to let someone you trust know that you are struggling. Someone is always listening.

"Promise that you'll stay, because it's never too late". - Buried Above