ARCANUM SANCTUM - Stream New Album "Ad Astra"

Russian Melodic Death Metal band with Soviet sci-fi movie soundtrack approach, ARCANUM SANCTUM is streaming below their new album "Ad Astra".

ARCANUM SANCTUM is a Russian melodic death metal band with Soviet sci-fi movie soundtrack approach. After two well-received albums of catchy uptempo melodic thrash-death metal with traditional harsh vocals the band decides to step aside from the beaten path and explore new grounds.This exploration turns into a breathtaking journey through space and time. The band finds its inexhaustible source of inspiration in the past. It's not a secret that things we encounter as kids leave the deepest traces in our souls. By a twist of fate all members of ARCANUM SANCTUM were born at the end of a so-called Golden Age of Space exploration and caught its echoes in a form of sci-fi books, movies, cartoons and associated soundtracks popular in their childhood. Still exciting and inspiring for the band, this theme determines the new direction its music takes on the new album.

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