AMBERGLOW - Release Debut Single ‘Porcelain’

Newly formed Swedish band Amberglow makes a powerful entrance into the post-hardcore scene, releasing their brand new debut single ‘Porcelain’ together with an addictive music video.

With heartfelt vocals, fast, airy guitarwork and a trace of ambient elements, the band creates a lush melancholic yet energetic musical landscape. ‘Porcelain’ is about neglecting yourself and your well-being by pushing it aside in favor of looking after the people around you, something that eventually leads to self harm.

Along with the song, Amberglow is releasing a captivating music video to illustrate the atmosphere and to further enhance the theme behind the song. The video was shot at the rustic Old Times Pub in the south of Sweden. The venue has a strong, warm personality that compliments the sentiment of ‘Porcelain’ perfectly.

The video was filmed, directed and edited by the band’s talented drummer Simon Roth Kalla and Nick Serlstedt, known from the popular band Noija.