UNSEEN FAITH - Present Their Second Single "Hardwired"

Aarhus-based UNSEEN FAITH delivers a crushing fusion between deathcore and metalcore at the highest standard. Armed with heavy guitar riffs, lots and lots of energy and neck-wrecking breakdowns, they are getting ready to release their sophomore LP 'Evoke'. With more than 1 million streams on their debut release 'Dystopia', the quintet has been making waves all around the world. Today they're releasing their second single 'Hardwired'.

“When society and our surroundings tell us lies about us - how we should live life or how little we are worth - we have a tendency to listen to that voice and then repeat it over and over again in our own head. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves and each other that it's a burden we shouldn't carry around with us. Nobody is a failure. Nobody!”, vocalist Alexander Eriksen explains about the single.

The coming full-length album has been recorded, produced and mixed by Chris Kreutzfeldt at Badcat Studio and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic. With compositions that naturally move between dark and heavy to exalted atmospheric breathing-halts, UNSEEN FAITH is taking a major step into new heights, and it'll be impossible for listeners around the world to keep from banging their heads along to their new songs. Furthermore the record features guest vocals from rising stars Daniel McWhorher (Gidion), Andreas Bjulver Paarup (CABAL) and Benjamin Ganzhorn (Daze of June). ‘Evoke’ will be released through Prime Collective on November 13, 2020.

The new single 'Hardwired' is already available on all streaming services.