S'EFFORCER - Reveal Video For New Single "To Exist and Expire"

Metalcore outfit, S'efforcer has released a music video for their new single "To Exist and Expire", take from the new EP "Life)•(Less".

Get the EP: https://orcd.co/vd5d1xk

In 2017, about 19.7 million people, or every 1 in 8 people, battled a substance abuse disorder. Approximately 4% of the adolescent population, 14.8% of the young adult population, and 6.4% of the adult population, suffered from a substance abuse disorder that year alone.

Between 2000 and 2020, over 700,000 Americans have died of a drug overdose or drug related illnesses.

‘’To Exist & Expire’’ follows the story that ‘’Leaving the Earth’’ leaves off, where a young man is dealing with the traumas associated with his youth, through means of substance, self harm, and suicidal ideation/attempts, in a desperate search for solace. Expressed in different perspectives, the story aims to embody three specific aspects of living with a vice or addiction:
The emotional and psychological traumas that often present the underlying reasoning behind substance abuse.
The harsh reality of being complicit with your own self-destruction. The cold, unforgiving, and judgemental social climate of those unwilling - or simply incapable - of understanding/having empathy towards an individual dealing with substance abuse issues.