SADISTIC EMBODIMENT - Conjure Creative Chaos With “Catherine's Braid” Off “Blood Spell" Album

Canada’s Sadistic Embodiment is releasing a new album “Blood Spell” and to get you ready for the sonic onslaught, they have the single “Catherine's Braid” available now.

Sadistic Embodiment has released 3 EPs so far, and are pleased to add this new full length to their discography. They share what listeners can expect from the album:

“'Blood Spell' will pique our fans interest. They will tell that we have grown in depth and complexity while maintaining simple and heavy death metal passages. This album will get fans pumped with new catchy choruses intermixed with powerful and epic melodies. The newest material exhibits a darker soundscape than our previous releases.”

“Catherine’s Braid” was chosen as the first single for a reason. The chorus will convince listeners to pound their fists and chant. The intro and choruses feature the wretched growls of Calvin (Org666) Fehr of Dead Jesus. Watch the video and take in the imagery of an individual experiencing their slow and brutal sentence, being broken on the wheel!

Simple, heavy, and catchy, each of the nine songs have a distinct feel given the variation in vocal and instrumental styles throughout the album. Each song stands out and yet they are all uniquely Sadistic Embodiment. This will please old school death metallers and the new school with the variety of punch-in-your-face hooks, melodic passages, and absolutely brutal anthemic choruses.

Like a pungent black onion, “Blood Spell” has many layers of groovy, mid-tempo riffs, choruses alongside pain, anguish, and rage; the instrumental and vocal nuances meticulously build into each song.

“Blood Spell” is the album fans of both old school death metal and newer will appreciate. Especially fans of Gojira, Bloodbath, and Kataklysm.

The album will be released on September 18, 2020 on all major digital platforms along with being available for pre-order (CD) from CDN Records here.

Track Listing:

1. Stranger (4:41)
2. Gallows Hill (5:33)
3. Catherine’s Braid (6:03)
4. Phantom Tormentor (4:41)
5. Nebulae (Call of the Void) (2:48)
6. Suicide Ceremony (3:09)
7. Global Enema (4:06)
8. Flesh Deposition (5:37)
9. Cerebral Termination (5:26)