PROSPECTS - Announce Intriguing New Prog Track “Orphic Trigger” Off EP “Recalling”

Progressive Metal act Prospects have unleashed a new single “Orphic Trigger” coming from the upcoming four-track EP “Recalling” due out September 4th, 2020.

Founded in 2014 by multi-instrumentalists Robert Medeiros, Prospects combines influences from acts like Opeth and The Contortionist for chillingly heavy tracks with multiple layers. In a niche, but thriving genre, the band aims to broaden their horizons and bring together fans from different backgrounds, united by a love of heavy and experimental music. The band explains one of the unique challenges they had when recording this album:

“Since there is some distance between band members, we all recorded/tracked the instrumentals on our own, compiled them into an organized folder, and sent them to be mixed and mastered by Jamie King. Vocals were recorded by Mike Indovina.”

“Orphic Trigger” can be enjoyed as individual songs or as an entire EP experience; with only 4 songs, but 32 minutes of audio you can rest assured that each song is its own adventure entirely. Even though there are snippets of a storyline from the previous album, 2017’s “Calling Of A Red Bird”, they all feel original and cohesive.

With Medeiros on vocals, keys, and guitar, Matt Dalton on guitar and vocals, drummer Anthony Zicari and bassist Mathew Lothian, Prospects builds a catalogue of melodic and rhythmic interest, looking outside of metal to genres like jazz, orchestral, and world music for further inspiration. Perfect for deep thinking, subculture aficionados, lovers of the outdoors, hipsters, and geeks, Prospects weaves together technicality with melody.

“Orphic Trigger” is now available as of August 7, 2020, and can be heard below!

The full “Recalling” EP will be released on September 4, 2020.