NORTHLANE - Release Live Footage "Details Matter" From The Roundhouse, Sydney

NORTHLANE has released live footage for "Details Matter" filmed at The Roundhouse in Sydney.

On August 21 and 22 there will be 8x pay per view stream events of Northlane - Live at the Roundhouse.

The band commented:

"Like everybody on this platform around the world, we really miss live music. Both watching and performing, it's a life changing and defining passion that runs through our veins. We've always wanted to bring this experience home to you, and right now there is no better time to do that.

If you've watched Negative Energy, you'll know how big of a deal it was to come and sell out the Roundhouse in Sydney on the Alien world tour, after such a difficult time prior to this landmark album coming out. We knew we'd want to revisit this night so we brought in a whole camera crew, captured all the audio and had it pro mixed & mastered. Many of the older songs sound better than they ever did on record.

This will be your ONLY chance to watch this show in it's entirety."

Tickets are $10USD per stream. Not bad for the price of a beer in Sydney.
We'll be live chatting to you during the event too.
Streaming on August 21 and 22 via netgigs Sydney - 8pm London - 8pm Los Angeles - 8pm New York - 8pm

Tickets on sale now at