NO RAZA - Release Brand New and Fierce Live Performance Video!

March 20th 2020 have seen the release of "Transcending Material Sins" via Noble Demon, the brand new album by Death Metal heavyweights NO RAZA, a record which gained the band high praise by both fans and critics alike. Today, NO RAZA have shared a brand new and fierce live performance video for the track "Fratricide".

Says Juan Guillermo Cano about the song:

"Fratricide [the act of murdering your brother or sister]: In times of confinement we worked hard to release this new video for the song ‚Fratricide‘, which describes a humanity fed up with rancor and self-hatred, as man murders man influenced and brain contaminated by senseless ideologies, blinded by ignorance, with nothing but a dark and macabre reality disguised as honor."

Formed in 1997 in Colombia, South America and now based in Florida, US, the band's latest opus, "Transcending Material Sins", is a crushing assault of pure destruction and artfully blends Death Metal and all of NO RAZA's extreme sound into a multi-faceted affair, that couldn`t keep this band as an underground secret for long.


01. On the Verge of Dying Out
02. Ancient Wars
03. Reborn
04. Fratricide
05. Sail In Rot
06. AlteraciĆ³n Mental
07. Decontamination
08. Scorn
09. AtriciĆ³n
10. En Carne y Hueso
11. Transcending Material Sins