NEONERA - Encourages Self-Reflection With New Music Video “Saviour”

Alternative rock act NeoNera from Ottawa, Canada, has announced their latest single “Saviour”, which tackles the presence of “white knights” - men who believe that women need to be saved from society and from themselves. It has deep personal meaning to the band, and because of the strength of the message, better suited to stand on its own.

Despite being aware the video could possibly lead to some uncomfortable conversations, the band has a positive outlook for the reception of the single as they explain in their own words:

“We think that fans will be excited about this single and video and appreciate the amount of effort and detail that has gone into this production, especially those who have grown with us over the years, and ideally it will help capture new fans. We know that certain people will be triggered by the video, and we’ll lose fans because of it. We’re prepared for that though and won’t change our message to avoid someone feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes the only way to change is to have those types of conversations.”

NeoNera is loud, with raw grungy guitar and heavy driving progressive drums and bass. Their music is progressive, yet danceable rock music and conveying a strong message is a key aspect to their art. They take the opportunity with this single to really drive that home.