MORS SUBITA - Release New Video "Into Eternity"

Finnish Melodic Death Metal outfit, Mors Subita has released a new music video for their single "Into Eternity".

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"Into eternity" is a song about family and bonds that last forever. A tribute to the ones dearest to us. Musically it's a perfect opposite to our last single "Sick" and the best song to showcase the melodic side of our upcoming album. -Mika Lammassaari/MORS SUBITA

“Into Eternity” is an anti-metal music video about lowering your guards and showing the humane off-screen side of the people you usually only see in their performance mode. Hardships, friendships, supporting each other and just really enjoying the fact that you’re in a band. -Juuso Laatio/Director (Mutant Koala Pictures)