MEYTAL COHEN - Release Slipknot's Drum Cover "Unsainted"

Meytal Cohen has released a new drum cover video of SlipKnot's "Unsainted".

She commented:

Whoooo against most odds, Unsainted is here. this was the hardest learning process I’ve had in years. I’m gonna def keep playing this one, I think I did a decent enough job but there’s still room for improvement. that intro seems simple enough but literally melted my right arm, I felt like I needed a miracle to finish it strong enough and still be able to pull off the first big fill of the song. altogether I was able to play this song about 3 times in a row before messing up every fill do to extreme exhaustion lol. But all that really means is that I need MORE practice. 

Meanwhile IT’S MY BIRTHDAY and also happens to be my 5 year anniversary to my first original album, ALCHEMY. Funded by you on kickstarter and having a major life altering effect. had it not been successful I probably would have went to school to become a Veterinarian. the one thing I like more than drums is animals, but honestly seeing them in pain would have spiraled me out of control and I’m pretty sure I would have made for one terrible doctor.. so lucky for me and the pets of the word I was able to continue doing my thing. 

I consider myself incredibly lucky to STILL have you guys around. After all these years. I’m so excited to see how many girls are now uploading videos and growing a following, when I first started out there were barely any. I’ve been getting some amazing messages telling me how following my path has been a source of inspiration, so you see YOUR support has had a ripple effect on the entire world. and that’s pretty damn cool to consider. 

Love you guys… still! and always.