MALICIOUS CULEBRA - Presents Its Own Online and Free To Watch Worldwide Festival

The renowned Argentine metal band, Malicious Culebra, presents its own free online festival for all the world.

On August 22, the first edition of the digital festival SÁBADO DE SUREÑXS will take place, an event that will seek to provide space for different bands, radio stations, producers and cultural managers from the southern area of Gran Buenos Aires.

The show will be broadcasted via Malicious Culebra's Facebook Live and YouTube. It will have the participation of 13 bands, self-management blocks, rock and education, southern renowned venues, communicators, rock women, etc.

Statements from the band about the event and its current events:

"The idea of doing the Sábado de Sureñxs festival was born as a result of a job that we have been doing during the pandemic", says Víctor Petix, the band's guitarist. "Our idea is that, despite everything bad that this pandemic brought, we can continue to build in the face of so much collapse. We want all the important bands in the area to be able to put together something collective and important in the same night. We offer it free of charge so that we can all enjoy something of good quality, from home."

"We have been working a lot during the pandemic," adds the group's drummer, Agustina Hidalgo."In April we launched our full show in Wacken in a virtual way. We started making solidarity boxes for those who are suffering difficult situations. We started two programs via social networks: Sábado de Sureñxs, via Facebook, and Rompiendo Fronteras, via Instagram. We know nothing is going to be the same, and we want to adapt to everything. We are a mixed band and we also want to build a more inclusive and egalitarian scene."

Line Up:

Malicious Culebra
Climatic Terra
Kill Hill
Victory or Death
Fisión Nuclear