BIG CHEF - Stream New Album "Birthday Boy Album"

Beefcore/Experimental Slamming Deathgrind act, BIG CHEF is streaming below a new album "Birthday Boy Album".


01. Big Chef
02. Theremin Solo
03. Good Frog
04. 4 My Headphone Users Out There!
05. I'M NOT A MEME!!!!
06. A Big Fucking Car Crash Of A Song
07. I Always Shop At Big W, So How Do I Keep Taking L's?
08. Glizzy Gladiator
09. Cowboys Down By The Ranch Hangin' Out Just Chuggin'
10. Chefectomy
11. haha yeah man
12. p a d a m i c c o r e
13. Bird Mum
14. Dine.Cat.Food
15. ur not good
16. Penis Pumped to Oblivion (HECK HOLE)
17. 1994
19. Aria Award Winning Big Chef
20. twenny six