ARCANUM SANCTUM - Release New Single "A Perfect Place (to Hide)"

Russian Melodic Death Metal outfit, Arcanum Sanctum has released the second single from the upcoming album "Ad Astra" titled "A Perfect Place (to Hide)" with a lyric video.

The band commented:

'A Perfect Place (to Hide)' is the heart of our upcoming album 'Ad Astra' mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö. It reveals the concept behind the album and expands the message of each song. With this album we wanted to share a naive and romanticized picture of the bright and heroic future we discovered in our childhood on the pages of the soviet sci-fi books.

It's not a secret that things we encounter as kids leave the deepest traces in our souls. By a twist of fate all members of ARCANUM SANCTUM were born at the end of a so-called Golden Age of Space exploration and caught its echoes in a form of sci-fi books, movies, cartoons and associated soundtracks still popular in our childhood.

Unfortunately we see that the 21st century has not become a Space Age predicted by sci-fi authors. Our childish dreams about exciting adventures in outer space haven't come true. And it is these shattered dreams our album 'Ad Astra' is dedicated to!

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