A BROKEN SILENCE - Exposes The Formation’s Multi-Layered Talent With A New Acoustic Rendition Single

Australian alternative rock/rap duo A Broken Silence once again is striving to showcase the band’s undeniable talent and sense for originality by releasing a moving acoustic rendition of the group’s critically acclaimed recent single – “At The End Of The Day”. This version also marks the first piece of the upcoming "Unplugged" album that A Broken Silence is planning to launch on 30th October, which will feature the re-imagined, acoustic versions of the group's whole catalogue. With its stripped down essence, this rendition of “At The End Of The Day” further recognizes and emphasizes the masterful songwriting capabilities of the band, as the track does a superb job of retaining the original’s theme of an all-encompassing love while expressing it in a completely different way. The reworking upends the entire composition of the song, revealing an inner beauty that could easily have been neglected in the original recording, as it also proves that A Broken Silence is far more diverse and interesting group of musicians than many would expect at first glance.

Speaking about nature of the song and the decision to undertake such a direction with its upcoming releases, A Broken Silence comments: "This song is a bit of a sad glimpse into the future for someone who let’s work take over their whole life. We actually set out to write this one with a specific outcome prior to the music being written. We wanted to voice the importance of prioritizing the things that matter most in life."

“At The End Of The Day” is the first single of A Broken Silence's upcoming new "Unplugged" full-length album - available everywhere om 30th October!


1. “At The End Of The Day”
2. "All For What"
3. "Wake Up"
4. "Hope"
5. "Are You Not Entertained"
6. "Soul"
7. "Daydreams"
8. "So We March To The Stars"
9. "Boom"
10. "Light Up The World"