WAGE WAR - Cody Quistad In Guitar World's Series "Sick Riffs" Teaches You "Who I Am"

Florida's Wage War deserve a spot on any metalhead's playlist, and should be firmly on the radar of any heavy-inclined aspiring six-stringer. The group's 2019 album, "Pressure", sees the five-piece double-down on their already-established brand of metalcore - which is often tastefully infused with electronica and tech-death influences.

The record emerges strong from the get-go with Who I Am, a ferocious rager with all the hallmarks of solid contemporary metalcore: drop-tuned, technically impressive guitar lines, ground-shaking drum work and an instantly catchy chorus section. Guitarist Cody Quistad joins Guitar World today from his house in Nashville, Tennessee to take you through the track's show stopping main riff.