THE BIG JAZZ DUO - The New EP "Samael" Out Today!

Surprise! Without any announcement, italian death metal band The Big Jazz Duo has released today the new EP "Samael", second (and last) part of the concept "Scion - Soothsayer". "Red Pyramid" - first single taken from the new EP - was released some weeks ago, with his video available below. The new EP and merch available HERE. Listen "Samael" on Spotify at this LINK.

"It took us two years to release the sequel to 'Scion - Soothsayer'. 'Samael' is not only a continuum on a conceptual level, but a real evolution in terms of style and songwriting: we managed to achieve the sound that we was looking for: a marriage of our various influences that finally satisfy us, whether they are old school or derived from a more modern emotional wave. Five tracks to continue the story of our Valtiel, head of a sect that tried to abandon and that finally punished him for his betrayal: now he is ready to return to the living and carry out the apocalypse".

"Samael" was mixed and recorded at Inverno Studios by the guitarist of the band, with Francesco Ferrini (Fleshgod Apocalypse) as guest in "The Coven Of The Morning Star".

"Samael" artwork and tracklisting:

01 Samael
02 Fall Of Valtiel
03 Path Of The Blinding Fog
04 The Coven Of The Morning Star (Ft. Francesco Ferrini)
05 Red Pyramid
06 Barbed Wire Concerto