ROYAL HEARTS - To Release Debut EP “Within Reach”

Royal Hearts is a four piece group comprised of Ryan Camuto (Lyrics/Vocals), Michael Summers (Drums/Backing Vocals on “Fairweather”), Luis Vegas (Guitar) & Nelson Tran (Bass). Though non of the members have been in any notable groups thus far, this effort aims to be able to stand up on its own with the current crop of rising musical acts.

Over the past year and a half, the quartet has worked on building songs that are equal parts familiar and new to listeners. Pulling from each of their influences, ranging from 80s rock and roll bands to the 00s variety of emo and scene music, their songs are centered around the vocal deliveries of Ryan. From unique melodies, to aggressive screams and shouts, there are hints of bands such as Finch, Comeback and remnants of 90s pop-rock (especially in the track “It Gets Me So”.)

With “Fairweather,” being released as a single on 7/30 (with an accompanying Music Video shot by Andy Oceans), the EP release comes quick (8/14) to help fill the void that the cancellation of live music for 2020 has created. The group also is building a social media community that is more conversational with their audience and less “promo”-centric. Singer Ryan Camuto believes that if the songs are to connect with their audience, they too need reach out and simply start conversations with their Instagram users, Facebook friends and twitter followers.

A 5 track EP that tries to encompass their full sound sees the group incorporate upbeat, in your face tracks such as the aforementioned single “Fairweather,” to an angsty ballad in “I Gets Me So” while embracing a heavier tone for the latter three tracks “Loving to Leaving,” Death of Me,” & “Wasting My Time”.” Ultimately though, through the songs different themes and identities, they all deal with the process of growing up over the course of adulthood and broach issues such as the falling out of friendships and relationships.