RECOIL IN HORROR - Unleashed New Single "Emissary of the Butchered"

Death Metal/Deathcore outfit, Recoil In Horror have unleashed a new single "Emissary of the Butchered".

Recoil In Horror is a North American metal band that was intended to be a studio project comprised of vocalist Ian Gray and producer Aaron Chaparian (founding member of Sever The King and now full time producer and owner of Aaron Chaparian Recordings) . Founded in October of 2018, Ian Gray and Aaron released two tracks; “Lamia’s Wrought” and “Flayer”, with the hopes that Ian Gray would be placed as a lead vocalist in an actively touring band.  

Shortly after the release of “Flayer”, in February of 2019, Ian Gray was contacted by Joe Puff, a seasoned sponsored drummer from Saskatchewan CA, that was eager to join and willing to tour. 

The band then completed their third single, “The Scholar Tempest”, featuring guest vocals from CJ McCreery.
This song was exclusively released on Slam World Wide’s YouTube channel on October 28th of 2019, creating such a buzz that it caught the attention of former band members of Suffokate : Chris Simmons and Pierre Roland Blais . 

As 2020 entered into the current chaotic world-wide pandemic,
the band was incredibly humbled when they lucked out and added bassist Daniel Grigg to their roster.