PLACES AROUND THE SUN - Released Their Video for "Lost I Am Found"

Portuguese rockers PLACES AROUND THE SUN have released their video for "Lost I Am Found" via V13. The song is from their self-titled album which will be released in September.

Singer Antonio Santos commented:

“When we were brainstorming for this video, João had the whole idea for the video and I loved it so much that I asked him to direct it. At first, it was supposed to be me in the video but something in me told me it should be him, although he wasn’t too sure about it, so we flipped a coin and it was decided he would star in the video. He’ll say otherwise but honestly, I would never do it as good as he did!

The video and the song takes place in the ‘sunset’ phase of the album, where it all starts. It’s about when the thoughts deep within our mind start to take over, to a point that we can no longer run from them or ‘dance’ them away.”