LOST CONDUIT - Stream New Album "Astral" Featuring Bunch Of Eminent Guests

Deathcore outfit, Lost Conduit are streaming below their debut album “Astral” available everywhere! Lost Conduit creates a telling atmospheric environment inside their music. This album features 12 guest features.

Get the album: https://lostconduit.bandcamp.com/album/astral

Lost Conduit is a internet project that started with a dream of creating cross over music to bridge the gap between Djent, Metal Core, and Death Core. The bands main focus is to tell extra terrestrial tales. This project currently consists of guitarist, synth, and song writer Drew Klugger and vocalist Justin Haskin of Desolist.


1. Astral
2. Eternity (feat. Ben Duerr)
3. Ember (feat. Andrew Patterson)
4. Aversion (feat. Luke Griffin, Greg Gilbert & Lucca Schmerler) 
5. XIX 01:06 6. Plagues (feat. Austin Dickey & Dan Watson)
7. Animal (feat. Tyler Shelton, Jonathan Carpenter & Duncan Bentley)
8. Damsel (feat. Kyle Anderson)
9. Shrouded
10. Ruins (feat. Rheese Peters)