JUNKOWL - Shares Drum Playthrough "Snakecharmer"

Oozing with rock n roll vibes, Junkowl is coming for ya out of Montreal, QC, Canada. The 2019 "En Route To Heavy Montreal Champions" are a slick combination of stoner riffs, hardcore energy, and groovy bass, who recently released their debut album “Making Out With My Death” this past June.

As a whole, Junkowl's debut album“Making Out With My Death” is a slow dark ride. Heavy riffs; big dirty bass lines, in your face drums and gut-wrenching screams telling tales of self-loathing, confusion, and intoxication. This is a solid album, something to enjoy with a few beers, smoke a joint, and bang your head off for 30 minutes.

And speaking of in your face drums, today, Junkowl's drummer Dominic Labrie is sharing with fans his playthrough video for the track "Snakecharmer". The track itself is about thinking you’re possessed by demons and trying to kill them, only to realize that the demons were actually just your own evil manifesting in your head.

Labrie adds:
“It was hard for me to pick a song to play off our album because I like them all. I picked “Snakecharmer” because it has a solid intro, a good flow and I really enjoy playing the heavy outro."

The drum playthrough was premiered on TechnicalMusicReview.

For fans of Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die, and Underoath, Junkowl's “Making Out With My Death” is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.