FIXATION - New EP “Bloodline” Lifts A Big Middle Finger To An Unjust System

Young, fresh and dynamic, Norwegian Fixation release their new heavy rock anthem “Bloodline" today! Listen to it here: “Bloodline” is the last single off their upcoming EP “Global Suicide”, to be released on August 7! In direct comparison to the band’s catchy second single “Survive”, “Bloodline” sounds way heavier, yet equally epic. The song speaks out against the world’s 1% of richest people and how they only care for themselves and their own.

The sound of “Bloodline” features great guitar melodies, a slight metalcore vibe, and bouncy grooves. Once again their sound is reminiscent of Bring Me The Horizon’s Sempiternal-era, with its heavy songs, but catchy vocals. With this single, Fixation encourage younger people to stand up against this unjust system. Their message is clear, as it’s not about the money to gain power. As the band comments: “We encourage younger generations to stand up against an unjust system and show the world that it takes more than money and power to lead the people. This is what Bloodline is all about.”