FIGHT THE FIGHT - Release New Video "Dying"

Modern Metal outfit, Fight The Fight have released a music video for their single "Dying", taken from their forthcoming album "Deliverance."

"Dying" is the third single off their upcoming sophomore album titled Deliverance, to be released on September 18th!

In Christianity, deliverance ministry refers to the activity of cleansing a person of demons and evil spirits in order to address problems manifesting in their life as a result of the presence of said entities and the root causes of their authority to oppress the person. The band states: "You can say that in many ways writing this album has been a path to set free our individual alter egos. These are all coming out in the lyrics during the album. It is not about cleansing but realizing. Always be true to yourself and everyone around you. Sometimes you have to let that beast out and here it is, a beast of an album!"