ECONOLINE CRUSH - Premiere Official Lyric Video For Single "Get Out of the Way"

Econoline Crush, known for the radio hits "All That You Are", "You Don't Know What It's Like", and “Sparkle and Shine" is BACK with a new Single and Video

Premiered by rock-aficionados, Econoline Crush has released their official lyric video for the single "Get Out of the Way”, which is also available for streaming and download TODAY at

“We felt this song was the perfect track to kick open the doors and announce to the world that the band is back. Unfortunately as we began work on this recording the COVID pandemic started. The song took on a life of its own as we saw it as a battle cry for front line workers. “Get us the equipment and gear we need and Get Out of The Way and we’ll take care of business" says Trevor Hurst.

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Canadian rock veterans Econoline Crush, fronted by Trevor Hurst along with talented members Ziggy Sigmund (guitarist, 1997-2002, 2009-present) and drummer Dayvid Swart (Todd Kerns Band), are back after recording their first full-length album in a decade. Delivering their first single “Get Out of the Way” the rock alumni are ready to hit the stage and the airwaves again with an arsenal of new songs released on indie start-up Amalien Records.

“We decided to re-record GET OUT OF THE WAY (2008) to launch our deal with Amalien Records. We think the song suits the times we live in, and helps amplify the voices of those trying to build a better world for everyone. It just felt like the perfect song for this moment in time" says Trevor.

The connection to those providing care at the frontline of a pandemic is not unusual for Hurst; in the time between Econoline Crush releases, Trevor Hurst has become a psychiatric nurse. The upcoming documentary “Flatlander”, will explore his transformation and sheds a light on what the singer has been doing in the years between live performances and songwriting. It’s an admirable journey from a man who has toured with Alice Cooper, opened for KISS at New York’s Madison Square Garden and headlined his own tours, to find himself working at a clinic in rural Manitoba, caring for indigenous elders. Reconciling the pursuit of rock stardom with the desire to connect with people and make a difference, Hurst and Econoline Crush are reemerging now as a revitalized band, with a deeper sense of purpose.

On the latest efforts by the band, Hurst says “I realized what a great gift was bestowed upon us as a band and as individuals, to have this ability to make music and to entertain. I don't take this for granted. That's why everybody in the band feels this is not an opportunity to waste.”