DYING VISION - Drop New Single "Plague Bringer" Ahead Of Album Release

Dying Vision drop their first single Plague Bringer ahead of their second album release set for August 27th this year. They have launched the single with a lyric video set on an eye catching gothic cathedral background.

Whilst the song itself features a historical moment from long ago, it has a theme that is equally very current today and will resonate with everyone. The track boasts huge vocal flails, punchy riffs and crushing grooves that will leave you wanting more!

"The theme of our album, ‘Death and its Slaughter’ is about death and the forms that have represented it, for example in personification and the ceremonies such as weighing of a soul. Such metaphors appear in the historical accounts from superstitious citizens. Part of the song 'Plague Bringer’ was inspired by one from the catastrophic bubonic plague (or ‘black death’ as it became known) that referred to citizens inviting death to relieve them from suffering – hence the lyric ‘I hear you calling my name’.

The global pandemic that emerged recently has made this song an apt choice for our first release and it bears relevance today – in relation to the fear of dying, resignation in the face of death and surrounding superstitions or misinformation.

We have come together as a collective of influences and styles and created something that we feel really tells a story on each track. We have infused our different characters and created something that we feel truly encompasses what, and who we are." - Richard, Vocals