BEHIND THE HORROR - Release Brand New Single - "Outland"

With the wind from their debut EP still strong under their wings, Modern Metal duo Behind The Horror prepare to release their first full length album - 'Burn Up This Truth'. Their campaign of carnage will unleash its full wrath onto the world 08/10/2020 and will demonstrate the full power of "Behind The Horror". The band released "Outland", the perfect track to sow the seeds of anticipation and give the world a taste of what is to come.

Says Gabriel Alves:
A lot of our songs are conceived from long jam sessions, blasting out riffs, mashing them together and making them around until they fit. the inspiration for the Lyrics is a bit cliche but it was what I was living at that moment. Outland talks about a broken heart. When you have something, you don't realize the value of it and you only get to know that when you have lost it, you discover how important that thing was, and you realize that You Are Not Prepared. Also cross-inspired by the phrase from Illidan Stormrage in the Iconic game, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade - You Are Not Prepared.