APPLE SAUCE - Get Shreddy in New Song

Once again Apple Sauce is here to put Italy on the Prog Metal map, and this time they do so by debuting their brand new single, "Cumblast!", a 4 minutes long instrumental track where Luca and Jack have fun, show off and put together one of the most fun songs off of their debut album to listen to. Check out the quirky track below!

For any fan of technical guitar playthroughs, funny titles, double entendres, weird clothes, math being involved in songwriting, Mortal Kombat, or Progressive Metal, the quintet's newest single offers it all: just take a look at the first few seconds of the track where Luca decides to challenge Jack in an epic solo battle, and let it pull you into the weird world that is Apple Sauce's.

This time, we let guitarist Luca take the stage, and let us in on the deepest, darkest secrest behind "Cumblast!": "It's the most djenty, polyrhythmic, random song out of the album, and also the only instrumental one. I remember going mad trying to figure out a kind of mathematical pattern for the intro (due to the fact I'm a professional engineer). I spent so much time jerking my 7th string off, 'til the day the main riff came to life - and the title.
It's basically a three note riff in 27/16 that repeats itself four times, and at every repetition, the accent moves to the next note out of this group of three, creating a "wavy" flow. The rest of the song is just nonsense braggadocio. I love it that way.

You may say 'Cumblast!' has no "soul". Well, just listen 'til the very end of the song to get surprised! Embrace that feeling of melancholy that occurs right after a majestic unloading (..bois will know)!"

You can stream or purchase "Cumblast!" here, and pre-order the band's self-titled full length here.