ALCATRAZ 2021 - Online Festival 2020

Message from organizers:

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than three months since events forced us to cancel the 2020 edition of Alcatraz Festival. Despite the bizarre times we live in the world just keeps on turning but rest assured, we haven’t been twiddling our thumbs in the meantime. We promised to show resilience and not take the painful events of recent months lying down. Our plans for the drive-in event may have been thwarted but for several months now, Alcatraz and its twelve festival partners in the European Metal Alliance have been working hard on another prestigious project.

On 7, 8 and 9 August - the weekend Alcatraz 2020 was supposed to take place - we are presenting an ambitious online festival.

Naturally we are fully aware of the fact that the atmosphere of an actual festival arena cannot be reproduced by sitting in front of a TV screen, regardless of its size. Nevertheless, no effort was spared to put together an exciting line-up with a truckload of exclusive shows taped in secret locations in the course of the last few weeks.
With Amenra, Evil Invaders and Spoil Engine Alcatraz has selected three Belgian top bands to fly the flag for Belgium and just for good measure we’re throwing in a full recording of Avatar’s previously unreleased headlining show at Alcatraz 2019. A weekend ticket is just €6.66 and, more importantly, you’re giving our hard-hit industry a much needed leg up. So invite family and friends from your bubble and make it a memorable occasion. We’ve got the music covered and we have no doubt you’ll create a great atmosphere. More details at Also keep an eye on the Alcatraz Fb page and discover our competitions with fun prizes on offer!

At the same time we’re also looking toward the not so immediate future, to Alcatraz 2021 - and we need to do this because the event industry is gasping for breath. Positive thinking and offering suppliers and bands some kind of future perspective is an absolute necessity. Our visitors need this as well and they’re the reason we do all this. They need a beacon of hope and we owe it to them to keep planning for the future. We’re not doing so against our better judgement but in full confidence that we will make it through this ordeal together and have a blast at Alcatraz 2021. The fact that only 10% of ticket holders made use of our refund offer is proof positive of the enormous confidence the fans have in our organisation. Since we had already stated that the 2020 line-up would be carried over to 2021 almost in its entirety we want to announce all confirmed bands in one go instead of separately or in small batches. Just a few bands - fewer than five - have unfortunately cancelled. Others are still to be officially confirmed but the slew of names we’ve got for you today shows that we’ve kept our word. What’s more, we will carry this momentum forward because in the coming weeks and months we will be announcing more than 25 additional acts, including four headliners.

Today also marks the restart of ticket sales with an early bird campaign set to last at least until December. Until then tickets will be sold at the same price as for our cancelled 2020 edition even though we’re adding a fourth festival day next year. More details at

In closing we’d like to reiterate the often heard and well-intended advice to take all necessary precautions in the face of this new surge of the Covid-19 virus. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and be safe.

Horns up, face masks on! Talk to you soon!