AHTME - Stream New Album "Mephitic"

Technical Death Metal outfit, Ahtme are streaming below their new album "Mephitic" out now on Unique Leader Records.


1. Swarm of Fools
2. Putrid Perforation
3. Node
4. Dissolve
5. Dent
6. Hair of the Hog
7. No Stone Sacred
8. Valley of the Gourds
9. Devourment Empowerment

Ahtme (formerly The Roman Holiday) is a death metal band based out of Kansas City Missouri. Check in for news and music.

Start off with surgically precise but very groove focused guitar riffs, lay them on top of a percussion section as sturdy as a field of steel girders, but as intricate and technical as a handmade Swiss grandfather clock, then throw in a heaping helping of raw, punchy, and oh so violent roaring vocals, and you have yourself Ahtme (formerly “The Roman Holiday”). Forming in 2005 in Kansas City Missouri, the band brings a signature and unique sound to the table. Relying more on groovy, and catchy riffs to grab their twisted audience by their necks, and slam them to the ground. The band promises to always come at the listener with something you can bang your head to, all while maintaining the guarantee to pick even the thickest of tech scabs off of the arms of those interested only in speed and precision.