AFTER SMOKE CLEARS - Release 'Machine Dependent' From Upcoming Album

London based 4-piece AFTER SMOKE CLEARS are smashing the underground metal scene, garnering formidable attention with their onslaught of aggressive, high adrenaline new-core 2020 releases having achieved near 100,000 streams to date, and are here to present to you their fourth creation; 'Machine Dependent'.

'Machine Dependent' shows us how modern groove metal should sound!

'Machine Dependent' presents the dichotomy of the danger of digital connection, with an ever-disconnected society, through heavy bass driven, bouncy nu-metal riffs, and a genuine spiritual message in each verse.

Technology dominates every aspect of modern human culture. While it continues to improve global communication at an exponential rate, it has also provided a solid platform for smartphone addiction. Social media companies intentionally design their applications with dopamine triggers to keep their audience hungry for more. The average smartphone user obediently spends hours of their day consuming the content of others. Machine Dependent’s message is a reminder that every time we reach for our phone, we have a choice: will it be used as a tool to enhance our learning, or will we choose to remain dependent?

2020 will see the release of their newly announced debut album ‘Edification’. Containing 10 brand new tracks sharing a journey through destruction and into self realization. March, April and May have seen the releases of 'The Vine', 'Deterioration' and 'Beta To Gamma', all of which have grown, solidified and strengthened their following and media interest considerably, bringing dynamic, energetic, high quality releases to the scene, busting headphones with fat bass while enriching minds with meaningful rhyme. A fit at the forefront of the new wave of metal bands.

AFTER SMOKE CLEARS 2020 releases tell the story about a violent space, inside your head, a hidden caged animal. Repression and cultural pressures force conformity. Only after the cage has been burned to the ground, and the turmoil and struggle to see outside has ceased, after smoke clears your vision manifests. Every video is produced to symbolize the in-depth, detailed and meaningful story behind each song AFTER SMOKE CLEARS release, which makes for an enjoyably impactful viewing experience. The band have lived this story, reflected in their music, philosophy and ethos.

Unashamedly honest, reflective, extreme; AFTER SMOKE CLEARS offer not only an insight into their releases, but in recent weeks have also launched the SMOKE CLEARS STREET CREW [#SCSC], a community of exclusive content, open-space Q&A's, lyrical insight, and a chance for fans to be a part of the growth, exposure and development of the band. Open to all.

Prior to the worldwide pandemic, After Smoke Clears have had the fortune of sharing the stage with a variety artists, such as the INCITE, THECITYISOURS, MTXS, Bohemian Grove, Jonestown and more; and the opportunity to play on the stages of the well known London Rock Club Night, FACEDOWN, Camden Rocks Festival, and Summit Fest, and will be taking to the stage once the live-industry doors open once again.

‘Machine Dependent’ available via Spotify, Apple Music and all other major outlets.