ADAM BJÖRK - Release Drum Cover Of Alpha Wolf's "Black Mamba"

Amazingly talented drummer of Melodic Death Metal outfit, Bleeding Utopia, 23 years old Adam Björk, from Katrineholm, Sweden, has released a new drum cover video of Alpha Wolf's "Black Mamba". Once again he did an amazing job!

Adam commented:

"I have been thinking of this for a while now, and I thought it was time for an Alpha Wolf cover, I always feel mentally lazy when I’m thinking of to learn songs like this, since they are a bit out of my comfort zone, just to memorize all the parts and take out the drum parts could be a challenge for me sometimes, but as soon I start with it does it not take more than a week (or 3 days in this case) to learn a song like this. 

For those of you guys who follows me on Instagram did you had the chance to vote between two Alpha Wolf songs and this one was the most voted one, I had such a blast recording It and I hope you’ll enjoy it!"  

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