A CRIME CALLED... - The New Album "A New Path" Out On October 30th, Watch Now The Video For "Drown"

Italian Alternative-Rock act A Crime Called... is glad to announce the release of their new album "A New Path", out on October 30th. An album who describe the courageous approach of the band, that have collaborated with different producers in each song to obtain a new result in terms of sound. "'A New Path' is our personal musical experience, with a travel around the World started some years ago in New York with the producer Dan Korneff. This album is a mix of genius and passion, with the contribution of many professionals of the music industry. We can't wait to show you our new stuff!".

If you want an idea about "A New Path" below you find the video taken from the first single "Drown", described by their frontman Andrea Verdi: "Life is an ocean current of situations, people, sensations. Navigation, solitary as it may be, has its difficult moments which lead us to give up and desist. The destination is often only a necessary excuse to keep on traveling, to not die inside. Living is the only means we were bestowed to avoid being drowned by the current". "Drown" was recorded at Sonic Debris Studios in New York by Dan Korneff and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Studios in New York.

The band has also started a collaboration with UAC Management and they are currently working on a european tour for Spring/Summer 2021.