TIBERIUS - Release Debut Album, ‘A Peaceful Annihilation’

Scottish progressive metal band Tiberius to release debut album, ‘A Peaceful Annihilation’

Today Edinburgh-based progressive metal band Tiberius release their debut album, A Peaceful Annihilation. A band known for their catchy melodies, vocalist Grant Barclay tells us that it has been almost two years in the making: “We started this a long time ago now and, given the thematic content of this album we’re both amazed and depressed that it’s still very much relevant now! In all seriousness, we’re really proud of the work we’ve put in, and we think you’ll appreciate it too.”

This ten track album includes the singles ‘Swansong’, ‘Mechanical Messiah’ and ‘Leviathan’, which have been released over the last three months along with accompanying videos which feature a unique style which has quickly become a trademark of the band (one features chin aliens in space, while Leviathan offers TV shopping channel hijinks). The mastermind behind these videos is Tiberius’ very own Chris Foster who said: “I dunno I just like making films.”

This album attempts to capture the essence of Tiberius - the discussion of serious issues approached in a fun and care-free manner. Jahan adds: “Sometimes you just have to laugh or you’ll cry. This album is for all those people. And us. Definitely us.”

You can listen to the full album over on their Bandcamp or Spotify, and they still have merch bundle deals available for a limited time, so be sure to check them out now before they’re gone.