SLEEPING DOG - About To Release New Album "Portal"

The Alternative Metal outfit, Sleeping Dog is about to release their third album "Portal", out June 20, 2020.

Pre-Save album:

Mat frontman of Sleeping Dog speaking on behalf of the band :

"The album consists of heavier tunes expanding into other genres such as nu metal and alternative metal. The album talks about the music industry. We are all made to think we are a part of a collective that respects the art when in reality it's not the case. Behind the curtain, artists are being enslaved into a race. The only ones that win the race are the ones on top controlling the simulation. Numbers create an illusion to blind the public. Portal talks about these things to open the eyes to the public. Support true art. Do not support some manufactured campaign to enslave and dismantle the respect for the artist. We have been a band for 8 years. The system has always been the same. This album talks about all of it."