VRSTY - Help The Band Replace Stolen Gear

Post-Hardcore outfit, Vrsty was robbed. The band lost all of their gear. Their manager launched a Gofundme for helping the band raising the money for the new gear.

Read below the statement from their manager:

"My name is Chris Wethington. I am VRSTY's manager. In addition to donating myself, I'm also taking 0 commission until the band is back on their feet.

For the past several years, VRSTY has worked their asses off touring across the country, writing and recording new music, and building a strong and loyal following. 2019 ended as the band's best year yet, seeing them tour across the country and hit Billboard charts with the release of their EP "BLCK".

Despite all of the awful circumstances already in the world right now, this year 2020 still had (has?) the potential to be one of the most important in VRSTY's development.

The other night VRSTY's van was vandalized, broken into, and everything inside the van was stolen. Their entire in-ear monitoring set up and rack, guitar pedals and cables, FX systems, amps, mics - thousands and thousands of dollars worth of gear that the band had saved YEARS for to acquire, and ALL of the band's merch... all gone. Added to that, van itself was damaged and is totaled, leaving them without a means to tour or even play local shows (once that possibility returns).

Typically we would have started a sale to try to bring in funds, but without the means to even do that, I've created this Gofundme to help them out. Knowing the guys, they hate to ask for favors or hand-me-outs. But I'm doing this for them because I know they need the help."

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