THE EDGE OF REASON - Release New Video For My Chemical Romance Cover I'm Not Okay"

After the successful release of their album Sting, The Edge Of Reason brings you something a little different during the lockdown period. The band have all been at home isolating and decided to do a home made video to the new single I’m Not Okay but with their own little twist.

This song has accompanied singer Ro since his youth and means a lot to him due to his own similar experiences. The reunion of MCR now gave the impuls to finally produce this cover now. But TEOR not only covered the song but added their very own unique emo post-hardcore vibe.
Due to the current lockdown situation, the associated music video was produced by the individual band members acting in their private homes in front of mobile phones and webcams. Amazingly, it was so much more fun than previously thought.

They would have supported Dead Girls Academy for the German dates of their Europe Tour in May, which has now been postponed due to the pandemic, but they hope to catch up in 2021.