SOCIETY1 - Release Video For Cover Of "Sunglasses At Night" Shot Entirely With Selfie Sticks

Los Angeles, California - Society 1 have created a version of the 80's hit "Sunglasses At Night" by Corey Hart while filming the entire video with iPhones and selfie sticks. The shoot which was done gonzo style on Hollywood Blvd. mid pandemic was completed in less than two hours.

"In Los Angeles we're not allowed to go to the beach or even state parks due to the shutdown but we're allowed to go for walks. Technically walking up and down Hollywood Blvd. is permitted so the police couldn't do anything. Plus we're not required to wear face masks while outside." explained lead vocalist Matt Zane

The pop song which is completely out of the realm musically of what Society 1 in known for as well as the style of the video was a conscious choice by the band to have fun during such a serious and uncertain time.

"We just wanted to do something kind of crazy but creative and unique. If you watch the original video with Corey Hart from 1984 there is part where he is singing into an old phone. I thought to myself how cool would it be if I was on the other end of the call in 2020. There are just a bunch of throwbacks to the original video which makes it even more fun. Not to mention we used selfie sticks to film everything. Zero crew. Absurd and amusing."

This is the third song the band has created and released that was recorded without a proper studio or producer during the shutdown. The first two being released as Lockdown Challenges also posted to the bands YouTube page.